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      Huilong northern latitude 45 residential community

      Huilong northern latitude 45 residential community
      Huilong northern latitude 45 residential community Display pictures2 Display pictures3 Display pictures4 Display pictures5 Display pictures6


            Harbin "collect dragon, north latitude 45 °" elite is the core of the modern city life settlements, project development in the north avenue, south hing street in the east, it guards the big high speed railway passenger dedicated line of departure, Harbin important comprehensive passenger transport hub, occupy the city gate to, close to the project of metro line 1, line 3, dual track and drive travel escort, minutes amidst the city. Project from wanda commercial circle is only 0.5 km, picks the surrounding city resources, the formation of life circle, 5 minutes to owner acme convenient life.
            Project use LA'BOBO thin tile sheet customization product D - Paris series products of pure color C3 M01 collocation, lines in a simple individual character is tie-in, natural jade fully and luster, colour and lustre is pure natural, all show nobility, hard wear-resisting, durable and beautiful. Make the person get mental and physical relaxation in space, and immediately afterwards the pace of fashion, also meet the modern people "mix build".
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