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      Qiqihaer city in heilongjiang province kumho golden family

      Qiqihaer city in heilongjiang province kumho golden family
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            Qiqihar kumho · golden family is Chiang kai-shek property after 4 years re-examination rules, labor lake in one hundred, imitating the French royal gardens built French mansion, construction area of 430000 square meters, integrating high-level, multilayer, villa. Is located in the urban core area, ley advantage strong aggregation. Project in addition to its equipped with multi-function power center 8000 square meters, with wanda plaza prosperous business circle on the other side of the lake, education, health, entertainment, leisure, catering, shopping and other supporting. Building from the world architectural art, take the palace of Versailles etiquette system, perfect the pure romantic elegant French architectural, again create a city legend.
            Kumho, golden family are all made of green environmental protection, new energy saving building materials construction advocate material, therefore chose BOBO ceramic sheet deep hole stone, shallow hole, the brown, grey wood grain, and other series products, whole order area of more than 200000 square meters, the early stage of the order and the construction sheet covers an area of 60000 square meters. Kumho golden family choose BOBO ceramic sheet, is a professional, focused on the company and develop the comprehensive strength of great trust.
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